What Wine Should You Serve With Pizza? 3 Pizza Pairing Tips

A pizza can be the perfect meal after a busy day. Whether you go out or order it to be delivered directly to your door, you don't have to do a lot of work to get a delicious dinner – you can just relax and enjoy the meal. Another thing that goes down well after a busy day is a glass of wine, which can also help you relax. But what kind of wine goes with pizza? Read More 

What To Order From The Pizza Restaurant If You’re Cutting Weight For An IFBB Bikini Contest

If you are a fitness model, and you have an upcoming IFBB bikni contest that your are prepping for, then you are probably under a lot of pressure to cut weight. The fun part of the year was bulking and adding muscle, but now you're in the cutting season and you're looking to shed fat for the stage. But a girl can't live on protein shakes and oatmeal alone. You need to eat regular food to keep your sanity, as well as make sure your metabolism doesn't crash (one of the great reasons for a cheat meal). Read More 

3 Tips For Ordering A Vegan Pizza

One of the side effects of adopting a vegan diet is that you end up learning how to prepare and cook a lot of your own food, as many locations still don't have a wide variety of dine-in or takeout options for vegan customers. But everyone deserves to be able to order a pizza now and then. The good news is that you probably can get a vegan pizza delivered to your house without too much trouble, even if the only pizza places near you are chains or pizzerias that don't specialize in vegan menu options. Read More 

Two Simple, Restaurant-Quality Salmon Recipes

If you love enjoying salmon at your local seafood restaurant, why not make it at home from time to time? Here are two simple salmon recipes that come together in a snap and taste like they were made by a professional chef. Sweet and Sour Salmon Made with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar, this salmon has a hint of sweetness and an bold, rich flavor. Just make sure you plan ahead since the fish needs to marinate for 20 minutes. Read More 

3 Practical Catering Solutions For Your Next Business Meeting

If you are planning a corporate or small business meeting which requires a catered lunch, you'll want to select an option that is accessible and easy to set up, as well as desirable for your employees. You'll want to consider aspects such as space and time involved for eating. Here re a few good options that should work nicely for your catered business lunch or event: 1. Catered Box Lunches Read More