Authentic Italian Food Perfect for a Vegetarian Dinner Date

If you and your date are both vegetarians, then you appreciate how difficult it can be to find a suitable restaurant for your dinner date. There are plenty of romantic restaurants around, but many of them do not have an abundance of vegetarian options. So, instead of making the dinner awkward by showing up to a restaurant where there are only a few entree options, you should pick out a place where there are plenty of choices.

One perfect type of restaurant for vegetarians couples is a nice Italian restaurant. There are some great Italian recipes that don't feature meat. Here are three examples of delicious vegetarian authentic Italian food.

Spaghetti Arrabiata

While many Italian recipes that don't feature meat or fish are cheese or cream heavy (think Alfredo sauce) there are plenty of dishes that don't feature cheese. One of the most delicious of all authentic dishes are Spaghetti Arrabiata. The phrase arrabiata means "angry" in Italian. The dish is "angry" because of the spiciness of the ingredients. The prominent spice is red pepper flakes.

In addition to the red pepper flakes, the sauce is made with garlic, olive oil, minced onions, and tomatoes. There is cheese in the dish, but it's grated hard cheese, not lots of mozzarella. So if you and your date are vegetarians, but don't like to eat lots of cheese, then this is a perfect dessert.

Eggplant Rollatini

If you do like cheese, and are not especially fond of pasta, then a perfect dinner choice is eggplant rollatini. This is an authentic dish that is similar to eggplant parm, except that the eggplant is rolled up. The dish is made by breading the eggplant, then frying it until it is crisp. When the eggplant is cooked, a cheese mixture is placed in the middle of each eggplant strip. The eggplant is then rolled up and placed in a dish and covered in sauce and baked.

Pasta Alla Norma

This is a classic dish from southern Italy. It's often made with short cut pasta. The main ingredients are eggplant, tomatoes, and ricotta salata. The eggplant is sautéed in olive oil (without being breaded beforehand). Crushed tomatoes are cooked in garlic and olive oil. The cooked pasta is tossed into the fry pan and then plated. Finally, ricotta salata is crumbed over the dish. This cheese has an amazing flavor and texture. It's harder than the ricotta that you will see in those plastic tubs.  It has a fresh flavor, and a nice salty bite that is a perfect compliment  for the dish.

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