What Wine Should You Serve With Pizza? 3 Pizza Pairing Tips

A pizza can be the perfect meal after a busy day. Whether you go out or order it to be delivered directly to your door, you don't have to do a lot of work to get a delicious dinner – you can just relax and enjoy the meal. Another thing that goes down well after a busy day is a glass of wine, which can also help you relax. But what kind of wine goes with pizza? Take a look at some tips to help you come up with the perfect pairing for your next pizza night.

Red Wines

Red wines go well with your basic pepperoni and cheese pizza, as well as with pizzas that are topped with lots of meat or with mushrooms. Look for light-bodied red wines like Chianti or Pinot Noir. You want a wine with a high acid content and plenty of fruity or floral notes. This balances well with the saltiness and fat of the pizza cheese.

If you want to try something more exotic, choose a Greek red wine. These are similar to Italian reds but leaner. Try one with a Margherita-style pizza and a Greek side salad.

White Wines

White wines are a great complement to many styles of pizza. There's a theory in food pairing that things that grow together, go together. In other words, flavors that originate from the same region blend well together. Pizza is said to have originated in Naples, Italy, a region that's also well known for its white wines.

Try a Greco Bianco wine with a Neopolitan pizza – the wine's acidity will help cut through any excess grease in the pizza. Or order a Hawaiian pizza and enjoy it with a glass of Fiano wine. This white wine's honeyed, tropical notes pair well with the pineapple and ham on a Hawaiian pizza.


Champagne and pizza may sound like an odd pairing at first, but both are often present at celebratory occasions, so why not put them together. You may already know that Champagne pairs surprisingly well with cheesy, rich, and salty foods, so pizza may seem like a natural choice. However, Champagne is typically low in acid, and the tomato sauce on a pizza usually calls for a wine with a higher acid content.

Luckily, there's a pizza option that's perfect for champagne: white pizza. The white sauce, or alfredo sauce, in some cases, is elevated but not overwhelmed by the bubbly champagne. Champagne also works well with sauceless pizzas.

Have fun experimenting with different styles of pizza and different types of wine. You may find that pairing the two brings your pizza parties and family pizza nights to a whole new level. Pazzo's Pizzeria would be a great place to ask for more tips and tricks!