The Shoreline And Seafood Make For A Perfect Dinner Date

The great thing about waterfront dining is that if you take a date there, the water will do a lot of the work for you. It's a location that's inherently romantic. 

Couples cannot help but connect when they're there. Picture the setting sun glistening on the water as the waves crash to shore. Imagine the light of the moon on the water along with the waves lapping gently, like a passionate caress!

When you pair the setting with a delicious seafood meal, you have a perfect recipe for amoré!

Seafood Is the Perfect Meal for Love

Quality seafood tends to be more expensive than the food that most people in America eat everyday. Taking your date to a seafood restaurant helps to show you care, thanks to cuisine being more expensive. 

Additionally, seafood also suggests and has a reputation for promoting romance in several ways:

  • Shellfish like lobster and crabs are usually served with loads of hot, liquid butter, which tends to get all over the place.
  • If Oysters are what's for dinner, they are universally known and appreciated for their aphrodisiac qualities
  • A healthy dinner of grilled fish like salmon or halibut leaves you feeling full and satisfied, but not bloated. The last thing you want to be on a hot date is lethargic because of a heavy meal.

A date, a seafood meal, and a waterfront location seem to all be working towards the same goal: finding love.

Pro Tip: Get a Good Table

Anytime that you're waterfront dining, the quality of your table matters, like a lot. If possible, you want to sit outdoors at a table that's right up against the railing that separates the restaurant from the waterfront. 

When you sit by the rail, all the charms of the water will have full effect on you and your guest. As you move farther back from the water, the charms begin to taper off, incrementally.

If you and your guest must sit indoors, again go for a table that is right up against the windows that overlook the water. You'll lose out on most of the sounds of the water but at least you'll still have the view.

Of course, getting choice tables like those mentioned above isn't easy. To get the best chance with the minimum amount of pre-date preparation, reservations should be made for a weeknight, preferably on typically slow days like Monday or Tuesday.

However, if you must make a weekend reservation, the best thing that you can do is to make reservations far in advance of your date. Aim for a month or more before the date. 

Also, when you call, you must mention that you have a really special evening planned and would like the best table. This is where a little bit of good old-fashioned networking with the restaurant staff comes in handy.

Reach out to a waterfront seafood restaurant to make a reservation.