3 Practical Catering Solutions For Your Next Business Meeting

If you are planning a corporate or small business meeting which requires a catered lunch, you'll want to select an option that is accessible and easy to set up, as well as desirable for your employees. You'll want to consider aspects such as space and time involved for eating. Here re a few good options that should work nicely for your catered business lunch or event:

1. Catered Box Lunches

This is probably the most simple and practical solution when time is of the essence. With boxed lunches, your business attendees can remain focused on the business at hand, without having to get up from their seats and walk around a buffet table. It's neat and tidy as well, as everything is contained in the lunch box.

Most often a box lunch will consist of the main entree, such as a sandwich, as well as a side which may include chips or a side salad and fruit. A light dessert such as a cookie or brownie may also be included. Some boxed lunches also include bottled water. Side condiments will be included as well.

2. Buffet Style Cold Cut (or Sandwich) Platter

The cold cut platter option will include sliced deli meats and cheeses. It almost always includes a tossed salad with packets of dressing. You may also have the option of including antipasto, chips and potato salad. If you prefer a dessert tray, this may also be included. The option of a catered buffet deli lunch allows your guests more freedom and choices to select what they wish.

As an alternative to a cold cut deli patter offering, consider catering a sandwich or hoagie platter or two. These often come with side condiments and bags of chips. If you are ordering a sub or hoagie platter, you can often request to have each sandwich cut into quarters or smaller sized portions if you prefer.

3. Catered Pizza and Wing Buffet

This is an easy option, as most Italian restaurants and pizzerias offer catering options for events and meetings. Choose from Sicilian deep dish pizzas with various toppings or traditional style thin crust pizzas. Buffalo wings with mild or hot sauce and salads are often included as well. Others sides may be chosen upon request, and these may include nachos, mozzarella sticks, garlic flavored bread sticks and bite sized appetizers. Catered pizza and wing buffets are a good choice when space is limited, as you'll only need one or two buffet tables for set up.