Eating Gluten-Free At A Burger Restaurant

If you follow a gluten-free diet, a burger restaurant may not be the first place you think of eating. After all, buns are a big component of most burgers, and they're generally loaded with gluten! However, if your friends and family want to go to a burger restaurant, it might be easier than you'd think for you to join them. You might not want to go if you're highly sensitive to gluten -- but if you have a mild to moderate intolerance that is not life-threatening, the following tips can help you enjoy a great, gluten-free meal at a burger restaurant.

Ask about gluten-free buns.

Some restaurants have actually begun catering to those on gluten-free diets by offering gluten-free buns as an alternative to regular buns. Ask the restaurant staff if they offer these buns. If they do, then a gluten-free bun is likely your best option for an authentic burger experience. On the other hand, at a burger restaurant that does not offer gluten-free buns, you can instead ask for your burger to be wrapped in lettuce. This will allow you to pick it up and eat it like a regular burger but without the bread.

Stick with a plain beef or turkey patty.

It has become more popular for burger restaurants to offer alternative plant-based patties, such as black bean or seitan patties. These options are awesome for vegetarians and vegans, but they are often made with wheat, so they are not typically gluten-free. Unless an alternative patty is specifically advertised as being gluten-free, you are generally best off ordering a standard meat patty, such as a beef or turkey patty.

Choose sauces you know.

House-made sauces can be delicious, but many are thickened with flour or other gluten-containing ingredients. If you see a house-made sauce you really want to try, ask the server about the ingredients to determine if they're gluten-free. Otherwise, it's usually best to stick with packaged sauces that you already know to be free from gluten. Luckily, ketchup and mustard are delicious as burger toppings, and most restaurants use the classic brands that you're used to. Many mayonnaises are also gluten-free — but stay away from barbecue sauces, which tend not to be.

With the tips above, you can safely enjoy a meal at a burger restaurant like Brewsky's  Broiler without indulging in gluten. When in doubt, ask the server for advice. Eating gluten-free has become more common, and most servers can help you choose something on the menu that fits your dietary needs.