Stainless Steel Equipment To Buy For The Bar Area Of Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you already know about the value of stainless steel equipment in the kitchen. Should you be in the middle of a remodeling project that will add a bar area to your eatery, you'll want to think about what stainless steel equipment you can add to this new area. Fortunately, you'll have a number of options. There are many different types of equipment that can suit your bar area, making it functional, sanitary, and stylish. Contact a stainless steel restaurant equipment dealer, like Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc., to buy equipment like the following for your restaurant's new bar area.

Refrigerated Drawers

There are many different pieces of stainless steel equipment that you'll want for your restaurant's new bar area. One must-have product is a series of refrigerated drawers. While you'll keep some types of alcohol at room temperature, you'll want others to be chilled. Your refrigerated drawers will not only hold a number of bottles but can also be valuable for storing large quantities of garnishes that you'll use over the course of the day. Many bar areas have refrigerated drawers in addition to bar-sized refrigerators simply to increase the available storage space.


You'll definitely need at least one sink in the bar area of your restaurant, and stainless steel is a good choice for this feature. If you're building a large bar, sinks at each end of it can be a worthwhile investment. Bartenders need to frequently use a sink for a variety of duties, including cleaning their hands before making drinks. When you equip your bar area with a pair of sinks, your bartenders won't get in the way of one another. Stainless steel is a good material for a bar sink, not only because it can match several nearby elements, but also because it's difficult to damage and easy to keep clean.

Glass Racks

You'll need to have ample storage for glasses in your bar area, as this will allow your bartenders to serve your customers quickly and professionally. There are several different types of stainless steel racks that you can install under the bar top. Generally, they have an open design so that your employees can quickly retrieve whatever glasses they need. You'll want to set these racks up with various different types of glasses based on your drinks menu. For example, you might have a shelf of martini glasses, a shelf of rocks glasses, and a shelf of highball glasses.