Start Your Day With Huevos Rancheros From Your Local Mexican Grill

Weekday breakfast can be a struggle for many people. Some people skip the meal entirely, while others grab something to go. Eating a quick breakfast at a local restaurant can often be a good idea, but only if you're able to find something that is healthy. Many breakfast foods can be tasty but can fail to give you the energy that you need for the workday. If you're lucky enough to have an authentic Mexican grill in your community, stopping by for an order of huevos rancheros can be a decision that you'll enjoy making one or more times a week. In addition to its delicious flavors, here are some reasons to kick off the workday with this egg dish.

The Protein

An order of huevos rancheros has a number of quality ingredients, but eggs are definitely the star of this Mexican dish. Eggs are a good breakfast food because of the amount of protein that they possess. Nutritionists commonly recommend getting a lot of protein in your breakfast, as it will stabilize your blood sugar, provide energy for the morning, and more. A single order of huevos rancheros may have two or three eggs, depending on how the restaurant prepares it, so you can be confident that the protein of his meal will serve you well.

The Spices

Different Mexican restaurants prepare their huevos rancheros in different ways, but some eateries give you the option to have this dish extra spicy. You may have specific feelings about the use of spices in your food, but there's no arguing the fact that spicy fare can help to make you feel awake and alert. If you're the type of person who feels sluggish for a while after waking up, enjoying a spicy breakfast food that makes you sweat a little can help you to feel ready to take on the day.

The Fat

Avocados are another central ingredient in this Mexican dish. Some huevos rancheros dishes have sliced avocados, while others contain guacamole. Whatever the case, avocados are a source of healthy fat. It's ideal if you can include some healthy fat in your breakfast because of how it helps you to feel full. A breakfast that is low in fat can result in you feeling hungry only a short time after eating. The avocados in your huevos rancheros, meanwhile, can contribute to you feeling full until it's time to eat lunch.