Exciting Items That You’ll Often Find On A Grilled Seafood Platter

If you enjoy seafood and are looking for a place to have lunch with your family, friends, or colleagues from work, it's good news when you notice a seafood restaurant in your community. It can be tempting to order an old favorite — fish and chips or a lobster roll, for example — but experimenting with other dishes can also be deeply satisfying. One tantalizing dish that you'll frequently find at seafood restaurants is a grilled seafood platter — which may be large enough that it's best to share with one or more people in your group. Here are some exciting items that you'll often find on this platter.

Crab Legs

Crab legs look impressive, given their size and unique appearance. Many restaurants will add a small selection of crab legs to their grilled seafood platters. It's common for crab legs to be boiled, but you'll find that grilled crab can be enticing, too. It takes on a slightly charred flavor, which is appealing, and you can expect that it will be served with some melted butter for dipping. Crab legs are fun to eat because they involve a bit of work to get the meat out of the shell.


Clams are used in a variety of dishes at seafood restaurants and are especially popular in pasta sauces. When you order a grilled seafood platter, however, you may be surprised to find a helping of clams in their shells. There are many different ways that restaurants prepare grilled clams, but cooking them over the flames and then tossing them with a combination of lemon juice, fresh garlic, and herbs can be a popular choice. You'll get a tiny fork that you can use to remove the meat from the shell.


You've likely had shrimp in a few ways if you're a seafood lover, but you may not have enjoyed this crustacean in a grilled form. Grilled shrimp are typically done with the shell on and may have a marinade that includes garlic, lemon, olive oil, and other complementary ingredients. While some restaurants may remove the shells before adding the shrimp to your platter, it's more common for the shells to be left on. You'll then enjoy the social aspect to peeling and eating the shrimp yourself while your tablemates do the same. Grilled seafood platters can contain other items, too, including mussels, calamari, and even lobster, all presented in a visually appealing manner on the platter.

Reach out to restaurants near you to learn what they offer.