Essential Ingredients For Halloween-Themed Milkshakes

If you run a restaurant that prides itself on its milkshakes, you'll always want to have the latest milkshake machines that can whip up the creations that you know your customers will love. It can be fun to offer certain milkshakes to your patrons based on the time of year. Halloween can be a fun time to offer some spooky milkshakes that the young and the young at heart alike will enjoy. You can get as creative as you'd like with your Halloween milkshakes, and you may wish to include these useful ingredients. 

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies are a perfect addition to many milkshakes throughout the year, but definitely have a role in your spooky creations around Halloween. When you grind a handful of chocolate cookies in the milkshake, the chocolate turns into crumbs, which can resemble dirt. Many Halloween treats take the appearance of dirt, as doing so offers a lot of potential in terms of coming up with fun ways to playfully scare your customers. When you're choosing chocolate cookies, opt for those with a layer of cream inside them — the cream adds a pleasing element to your milkshakes.

Gummy Items

If you're going to use chocolate cookies to create a dirt-like feel for your Halloween milkshakes, you want to have creepy things hidden in the dirt or coming out of it. Look no further than a wide range of gummy items that are available. An obvious choice is gummy worms or gummy insects, which you can mix into the milkshake and reserve a couple to stick out of the top. Candy retailers also often sell gummy fingers, toes, and other mock body parts — perfect items for giving your milkshake a spooky feel at this time of the year.

Red Syrup

Giving your patrons the idea that they're consuming blood in their milkshakes can also be fun around Halloween, and there's a product that is perfect for this. You can buy containers of red syrup that look like blood — but that are flavored like cherry, strawberry, or raspberry. While there's nothing wrong with adding some of the red syrup to the mix so that it spreads throughout the milkshake, another idea is to drizzle the syrup over the top of the milkshake right before handing it to your customer. It can be fun to experiment with different ingredients in your milkshake machine so that you can put together enticing seasonal creations for your patrons.