Take This Approach To Save Money At A Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant

If you enjoy eating healthy, a vegetarian buffet will provide you with dozens of healthy options, offering you a meal that leaves you satisfied. Vegetarian buffets commonly charge by weight, which means that you'll load up a plate or a takeout container and then have it weighed by the cashier before you pay. It's fun to add enticing items to your plate in anticipation of digging in, but you want to be sure that you don't overdo it and get a surprise at the cash register. There are a handful of budget-friendly, simple methods that you can use when putting together your meal at the vegetarian buffet, including the following:

Be Wary of Heavy Items

Given that the vegetarian buffet charges by weight, you should consider whether each item you're thinking about eating is light or heavy. Salads, for example, are a good bet—they don't weigh very much, which means that you can add a lot of salad to your plate or takeout container without it translating into much money. Although you might have a craving for some of the heavier items on the buffet, be moderate when you serve yourself. Vegetarian lasagna is delicious, but its denseness often makes it one of the heaviest options on the buffet.

Check for Individually Priced Items

In many cases, you'll find that much of the vegetarian buffet goes by weight. Certain items, however, are individually priced. The pricing of these items is clearly marked, so make sure that you look for it. Soups, buns, and desserts commonly fall under this category. This means that when you're looking for something heavy and satisfying, you're better off selecting an item that is individually priced. For example, a piece of cheesecake is heavy, but if it's being charged individually, it may be of good value.

Skip the Drink

Unless you have a particular craving for a certain type of flavored drink, sticking with water is a simple way to keep the cost of your vegetarian-buffet experience low—and allow you to spend more of your money on the food itself. Many vegetarian restaurants have self-serve water stations, which means that you can easily help yourself to water throughout your meal, or even fill up your own bottle before you sit down. Doing so will save you the cost of the drink and, if you would have otherwise bought a heavier drink, you'll appreciate that water won't fill you up.

Following these tips will enhance your next experience at a vegetarian buffet. With these tips in mind, you could even visit a lunch buffet, like Crico's Pizza & Subs, today!