Staying Late at the Office? 3 Types of Vietnamese Foods That Are Easy to Eat While You Work

It's another late night at the office, and you forgot to pack dinner with you. Instead of starving yourself, look into the various delivery services that are nearby. After all, adequate nutrition can increase productivity levels by as much as 20%, which means you'll finish your work sooner and be able to head home earlier. Vietnamese food is always welcomed. Delivery service for Vietnamese food is usually relatively quick, and there are many different dishes you can order off of the menu. Don't order anything that might be difficult or messy to eat. Consider the following three dishes.

The Soft Deliciousness of Steamed Rice Cakes or Banh Cuon

If you're craving something that's easy to eat and also savory, then you can't go wrong with steamed rice cakes or banh cuon. Soft and delicious thin layers of rice cakes are steamed and topped with crispy fried shallots, thinly sliced cucumber, bean sprouts, shredded romaine lettuce, and even slices of pork sausage. The dish is savory and filling. You'll be able to easily slurp these down before heading back to work.

The Numerous Healthy Varieties of Spring Rolls or Goi Cuon

Vietnamese dishes tend to be rather healthy and nutritious. They contain quite a lot of veggies and simple ingredients with no added preservatives. If you're looking for a rather light snack that will keep you going through the night, but is still healthy, then you should try the different varieties of spring rolls or goi cuon that's available. These spring rolls aren't fried. Instead, various ingredients are wrapped with a sheet of rice vermicelli. You can choose from a variety of different ingredients like shrimp, pork sausages, and more. Don't forget to dip the spring rolls in peanut sauce for added flavor.

The Tastiness of Vietnamese Sandwiches or Banh Mi

There's nothing more simple and filling than Vietnamese sandwiches. They are easy to eat and perfect for those who aren't as adventurous. Known as banh mi, Vietnamese sandwiches are made with a fresh, crispy baguette and filled with vegetables and meat. The pickled cucumbers and radishes will keep you alert and energized. Most Vietnamese restaurants spread some type of pâté in the sandwich for extra flavor.

Next time that you're at the office late and hungry, take a look at the different dishes that Vietnamese restaurants nearby are able to offer. You can easily find something that's easy to eat and filling, and your order will usually be delivered shortly.